I have been immersed in the photography world for over 25 years. I started in my early teens shooting home movies during school holidays, which lead to Art College where I took my first course in photography.

My first job was as a trainee B&W Darkroom Technician where I learnt the art of creating Custom Hand Prints. In those days before pixels, I was taught how to create the right balance of contrast and tone in an image by careful manipulation. This understanding has carried through into my photography.

I emerged from the 'darkness' after 4 years, departed England and made my way to America - first to Chicago and then to New York City in 1995. I assisted several photographers before branching out on my own shooting for magazines and working on my own projects.

After taking pictures at a friend's wedding, I realized that my work in photojournalism and environmental portraiture blended perfectly with wedding photography.

I have enjoyed shooting weddings professionally since 2003. It’s hard not to have fun capturing the excitement of someone’s Big Day. Whilst I’m professional in carrying out my work, I’m relaxed and will blend in as a friendly face amongst your guests.